These are many things that you may be familiar with, or not that without proper preparation will kill the shit out of you and your tribe.

  1. Giganotosaurus. Most seasoned players are familiar with these, and realize the danger they possess. Be warned this thing will eat the shit out of you.
  2. Alphas. Alphas are tamable, but extremely difficult to defeat, approach at your own risk.
  3. Prime Alphas. These are not tame able and recognized by a change in music within proximity. You will also see a orangish Cheetos like glow around them.
  4. Drakes. These are vicious much smaller versions of the wyvern are quick, breath fire, and will kill the shit out of you.
  5. Broodmother. She is a walking stalking, behemoth of a spider queen, that shits a lot of little spider minions, and shoots volleys of torpor educing acid. She is tame able, but the primal version of her is not.
  6. Megapithicus. This is King Kong, he's quick, rips through boulders like a knife through butter. Think you're safe at a distance he'll throw a bolder to squish your tiny head. Do approach cautiously. Tame able but not the Primal version
  7. Wyvern. This is a Dragon, stupid amount of health, fire breath that will incinerate you, claws that will rend the flesh from your bones. Tame able but not the Primal version.
  8. Wardens. These are creatures that have a nice little top hat, and awesome looking texture while being a huge version of a dino. These things are stupid powerful, and should not be attacked till much latter in the game. Can't be tamed.
  9. Warchief. This thing if attacked will hunt you down and not stop, no matter the distance you put between you two. This is thee hardest fight you will face period. Cant be tamed.
  10. Oblivion. This creature is god. This creature is un tame able. This creature is litterally Unkillable. This creature, will Rend and Destroy the ark, and everything else.

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