1. If you are to attack another tribe, you must attempt to notify the tribe of which you're attacking, to give them a fighting chance. If they are not online, you may Inform a admin, via the wiki, or in game. From then you have a 24 hour cease fire or until they are online. If they do not come online in 24 hours, a Admin will give you the ok to attack. You must wait for the admin ok if they do not come online, this may exceed 24 hours, but life comes first.
  2. All tribes must wait a minimum of 1 week before attacking a tribe that has already been attacked. This is to give them time to build back up.
  3. You must comment on the Tribes page, so I can add your tribe to the official tribes of the server. If your tribe is not on the official tribes list, you run risk of being raided constantly, as you're not protected by the rules.
  4. If you lose a Dino due to a glitch, come to the admins, and explain your situation and what happened. If your loss is deemed legit, you'll be out of a Dino, but if we deem that it was a screw up on the server end, we will spawn in your dino, however you must re-tame it yourself.
  5. This is more of a suggestion, than a rule. Please use legit Tribe names, instead of stupid things like Tribe butt lick, if your tribe has a name like this, it will not be added to the official tribe list, which gives you the protection of the rules as listed.
  6. If you build in caves, note that your structures take 6x the normal damage, you will also be subject to unlimited attacks, as people would need access to the artifacts build in Caves at your own risk.
  7. If you break these rules, There will be consequences, such as complete Destruction of your base and dinos, and your body will be locked in a cage and constantly forced water and food to keep it alive and used as a blood bag for 1 week. You may either start from scratch and create a new character, or you may serve your sentence and be released.

(More Rules may be posted later.)

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