Welcome to Skull IslandEdit

Skull Island Ark server, utilizes the Center map, along with many mods that add content, Makes some aspects easier, while most other's much more difficult, as well as adding A lot of end game content, and things to Strive for with the Annunaki Genisis Mod. This is a PVP environment with rules so everyone can have fun, and not leave the server because they can't build a new as their constantly being wrecked. Fun quests to find hidden Treasures, that each come with their own challenge, to give a alternitive to the difficult warden Harvesting. Some challenges will be much greater than others. But the more difficult the challenge, the better the reward. Please read the rules, and follow them. If you break them There are a plenty of punishments that can occur, such as a week in a holding cell.

Wikia GuideEdit

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